Handmade lamps, that you can find in our store is an example of contemporary design and old Polish design that perfectly complement the interior design. Decorative lamps with floral elements are a beautiful complement to both the bedroom and the guest room, and for those who like industrial we have light and modern lamps that will give the rooms a unique charm and character.


Contemporary design is primarily minimalism and simplicity. Among the interesting propositions in our store you can find minimalist saucer-shaped wall lamps as well as hemispheres as well as standing and hanging lamps characterized by simplicity and elegance. Spider lamps, equipped with long cables allow you to reach with light where it is needed, while giving the ceiling a decorative lightness. However, for those who like classics, we offer a handmade chandelier. We have not forgotten about people with rooms with low ceilings. In this case, we offer you handmade plafonds in folk or industrial style.


Due to their industrial appearance, our lamps are also used in service premises - hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices of cosmetics factories as well as shops and boutiques.


A wide selection of designs, colors and shapes that make handmade lamps stand out in our store means that they will reach a wide audience, with different tastes and expectations, who are looking for creative and stylish solutions.


Many of our customers appreciate the folk lamps we have, whose appearance refers to the Polish tradition. These delicate patterns will brighten your room by introducing light and memories of summer. The whole range of lamps with paintings of nature will ensure that the right mood is achieved


These are just some of the suggestions that are in our store. Handmade lamps are undoubtedly unique, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range, including many interesting and unique models, each of which handmade lamp is a kind of work of art.

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